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QC Renewable Energy

From idea to company.

QC Renewable Energy was born through meetings between students with great commitment to make a difference and change the world in a positive direction with the help of renewable energy sources. 

The students are from Sweden and East Africa who met at Dalarna University, through the energy engineer and the solar energy programs.

QC stands for Qurac, which means Acacia tortilis in Somali. Qurac is a tree that grows in north, east and south Africa. Qurac is among the most common trees that are cut down for building materials, firewood and coal production.

With our sustainable energy solutions, we save QURAC. Because the natural cycle is improved as vegetation increases when fewer trees are being cut down. Our solutions provide long-term sustainable development and preserve the ecosystem.
Muse Farah

Our solutions

energetic services & Solutions

QC Renewable Energy offers sustainable energy products and services that meet customer needs and opportunities. We are a sustainable energy company of the future.

Clean Energy

Improve the environment both locally and globally. Renewable energy is our saving for future generations.

Project Assistance

Contact us if you want to work with us to be able to work together towards global sustainability goals and a better world.

Research and Development

Promoting future renewable energy solutions and the improvement of existing technology.

Long-term Planning

We want to create sustainable solutions for a better future.

vision for the future

about our philosophy

QC Renewable Energy want to build bridges between people and countries e.g. between Africa and Western countries. 

Why renewable energy?

940 million people in the world lack access to electricity and about 750 million of them are living in Sub-Saharan Africa. In East Africa, which is QC Renewable Energy’s main target area, there are 130 million people who don’t have access to electricity. There is no stable widespread distribution network and the electricity prices are very high. The power is generally generated through fossil fuels.

Solar power is a natural resource that could provide a lot of electricity. To create a sustainable society, we want to provide quality products and give people the knowledge to maintain the systems for maximized gains.

QC offer energy products and services which benefits the local people's economy and the environment.
Faisa Abdi


We want to create sustainable communities through usage of knowledge and experience.

We want to reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact and develop other businesses and disseminate new energy solutions globally.


Our vision is to support every idea that facilitates life in local communities in the world, especially in rural areas, where we want to increase the access of cheap, affordable and clean electricity.


To find new innovative energy solutions and increase opinion formation in the world.

Our Research

Our Team


Faisa Abdi

CEO & Founder

Finance Administration & Business Development Director

Strategy & Costumers in Sweden


Adan Warsame

Human Resources & Planning

Costumers & Marketing in East Africa

Mohamed Diyad Elmi

Technical Expertise & Project Director

Project Coordinator in East Africa


Muse Farah

Procurement & Construction

Technician & PV -system sizing in Sweden and East Africa

Our Advisor

Fadumo Osman

Mentoring in Project Management and Communication

Désirée Kroner

Montering in PV-System & Solar installation

Yusuf Abdow

Mentoring in Public relationship

Klaus Lorenz

Montering in Technical

Ronny Arnberg

Mentoring in waste processing


installation & project development

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