What We Offer


Solar panels from Germany

Save Money

Are you tired of expensive and unsustainable electricity from the grid?

Feel independent

Are you tired of constantly thinking about whether the refrigerator is on and draws a lot of energy that costs you a lot?


Do you constantly scream to your children or others who live with you to turn off the lights and the fridge while you think about your money?

Clean Energy

Why should you strain yourself and not instead feel the freedom to supply electricity by yourself with solar energy?


The sun that goes up with joy when you wake up in the morning and with smile tell you "take advantage of me". why not have solar cells on your own roof / yard?

what we offer you

clean tech

Charge Controller Victron Smartsolar MPPT

Charge Controller


Why this charge controller?

  • The wireless solution for configuring, monitoring, updating and synchronizing the charge controller for SmartSolar.


  • If it is a cloud sky, the ultra-fast MPPT will improve energy harvest up to 30% compared to PWM and up to 10% with slower MPPT.


  • If partial shading occurs, two or more maximum power points can occur on the power-voltage curve and the traditional MPPT locks the existing points into local MPP which may not be the optimum MPP unit, but the innovative SmartSolar algorithm in this MPPT always maximizes energy harvest by locking to the optimum MPP.

What does MPPT do?

Adaptive three step charging (Bulk,Absorption and float )

  • Bulk
    • At this stage, the controller supplies as much charging current as possible to quickly charge the batteries
  • Absorption
    • When the battery voltage reaches the absorption voltage setting, the controller switches to constant voltage setting. Absorption time is kept down with less discharge to not overcharge and when there is deep discharge the absorption time automatically increases so that the battery is charged. the absorption time ends when the charging current is below 2 A
  • Float
    • At this stage, float voltage is applied to the battery to keep it fully charged. if it drops below float voltage for at least one minute, a new charging cycle is startedW
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AGM Battery from Hoppecke

We just do not have only PV that supply you when there is sun, but we also have storage (battery) that you can storage the energy to use when there is no sun and during the evenings

What you can use with this battery

  • Solar home system
  • Street lighting
  • Medical care Facilities

What you get?

A maintenance-free battery

  • Long life cycle (50% DOD 3000 life cycle) it means it can be discharged 3000 times with 50% discharge, it is up to 8 years of lifetime
  • Optimum operational safety – integrated backfire protection
  • Higher short-circuit safety even during the installation
  • Good high-current capability
  • low investment costs due to innovative electrode structure
  • 220V AC and as comfortable as the mains connection


Victron MultiPlus

        This victron multiplus inverter is for you with ordinary households and for you who own a small industrial business that requires high energy use and uses diesel generator.

         Are you tired of buying expensive diesel and tired of constantly maintaining a generator? Then you have the chance to hybridize your energy use and reduce your diesel use with the help of solar energy. multiPlus inverters make sure to automatically control the generator and PV as well as charge the batteries with the generator in case the sun is not there.

         Victron multiPlus make sure to cover (power-assist) your needs from the batteries if there is not enough solar energy and the generator is not enough to cover your power need. When your needs decrease then automatically it charges the battery with the generator if there is no sun.


Victron Phoenix

  • Victron Phoenix is suitable for those with a relatively medium/min energy demand, which has no mains or generator connection.
  • It works as multiPlus when you switch your self-produced solar electricity from DC to AC, but you cannot connect to the grid or generator.